A must-have leather accessory for traveling. Made of vegetable leather or grained and vegetable leather. Closes with a zipper. Lined.

Dimensions28 x 9 x 19cm


  • Antique Bronze (Plain military green)
  • Antique Marine (Plain navy)
  • Antique Natural Leather ( Plain light brown)
  • Antique Noir (Plain black)
  • Antique Sauvage Leather (Plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Acajou & Cuir Sauvage (Grained dark brown & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Bleu Ciel & Cuir Sauvage (Grained light blue & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Bleu Marine & Antique Marine (Grained navy blue&Plain navy blue)
  • Taurillon Garance & Antique Sauvage (Grained red & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Gold & Antique Naturel (Grained light brown & plain light brown)
  • Taurillon kaki & Antique bronze (Grained military green & Plain green)
  • Taurillon Noir & Antique Noir (Grained black & Plain black)
  • Taurillon Orange & Antique Sauvage (Grained Orange & Plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Safran & Antique Sauvage ( Grained mustard yellow & Plain dark brown)
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