“Square” bag, large, lined

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The “Square” model is an elegant and versatile bag. It is lined and equipped with inside pockets, and is ideal for carrying files or a computer. Size : 48x38x11 cm

1 200,00 1 300,00 

  • Antique Marine (Plain navy)Antique Marine (Plain navy)
  • Antique Natural Leather ( Plain light brown)Antique Natural Leather ( Plain light brown)
  • Antique Noir (Plain black)Antique Noir (Plain black)
  • Antique Sauvage Leather (Plain dark brown)Antique Sauvage Leather (Plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon acajou (Grained dark brown)Taurillon acajou (Grained dark brown)
  • Taurillon bleu clair (Grained light blue)Taurillon bleu clair (Grained light blue)
  • Taurillon garance (Grained red)Taurillon garance (Grained red)
  • Taurillon Gold (Grained light brown)Taurillon Gold (Grained light brown)
  • Taurillon Kaki (Grained military green)Taurillon Kaki (Grained military green)
  • Taurillon Marine (Grained navy blue)Taurillon Marine (Grained navy blue)
  • Taurillon noir ( Grained black )Taurillon noir ( Grained black )
  • Taurillon Orange (Grained orange)Taurillon Orange (Grained orange)
  • Taurillon Safran (Grained mustard yellow)Taurillon Safran (Grained mustard yellow)
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