A hunting pouch that holds on your belt. It is the practical solution for keeping your ammo close at hand. and the weight at your waist and not at your shoulder. Capacity 55 cartridges.


  • Antique Natural Leather ( Plain light brown)
  • Antique Sauvage Leather (Plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Acajou & Cuir Sauvage (Grained dark brown & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Bleu Ciel & Cuir Sauvage (Grained light blue & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Bleu Marine & Antique Marine (Grained navy blue&Plain navy blue)
  • Taurillon Garance & Antique Sauvage (Grained red & plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Gold & Antique Naturel (Grained light brown & plain light brown)
  • Taurillon kaki & Antique bronze (Grained military green & Plain green)
  • Taurillon Noir & Antique Noir (Grained black & Plain black)
  • Taurillon Orange & Antique Sauvage (Grained Orange & Plain dark brown)
  • Taurillon Safran & Antique Sauvage ( Grained mustard yellow & Plain dark brown)
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